Gaia & Patrick’s Wedding at Milling barn

August 3, 2023


So I’m going to start off by saying that this one was a first for me. Not because of the venue. We all know that I’ve done many weddings at Milling Barn! No, this one was a special one for me because this was the first time that I had photographed the wedding of another wedding photographer! Eek! #nopressure 

To be honest though, it was fantastic having a photographer in front of my camera (and the wife of a photographer) because there was no “oh this spot would be good for this reason” or “pose like this because of this”. No no no. They knew exactly what to do and how to do it! Which obviously made my job a whole lot easier! But to anyone reading this, knowing even a little of how to pose yourself or what poses suit you best, makes for a much better outcome. I mean, obviously I’ll pose my couples, that’s what I’m there for, but practice posing beforehand. Even if you just do it in front of your bedroom mirror or on a night out, practice makes perfect like they say!! 

Now onto the wedding! 

When Gaia & Patrick booked me, they told me it was going to be a big wedding and half will be Irish. I chuckled at that thinking that it was clearly necessary that I had to be warned that half of Ireland would be coming! 

We met up at Milling Barn for the engagement shoot and I could tell already that these two were the perfect match. You know when you just see a couple and think “yeah, you two are just meant to be together!” Plus, these two totally trusted the process. I could tell that they weren’t going to question the poses or shots. I love it when couples trust the photographer!! We may look crazy but the outcome will be worth it! 

The day couldn’t have gone better if it tried! The weather was fantastic. Every guest was smiling. We even ran early throughout the day! Honestly, talk about a perfect day! I was so excited to find out that Patrick was in a green suit. My first groom in a green suit! Loved it! FYI, this is something that I’m seeing more of now and I don’t think it’ll ever get boring. So more green grooms please!! 

Clearly I don’t need to point out that Gaia was looking stunning on the day. I never have to as all brides are beautiful!! The entire wedding party looked amazing! Green isn’t my go to colour (if you know me you’ll know my palette is extremely neutral) but I fell in love the colour scheme for this wedding. You know when a wedding is put together so well that even if it’s not your taste, you still love it? Yeah, one of them! 

Onto a subject quite personal for Gaia (I know she won’t mind me mentioning it). She suffers with psoriasis and she was worried that she’d have a flare up on the day, luckily she didn’t! But this is a little something to any of you out there that have a worry like this on your wedding day. Let me know. I’ve had brides worried about their nose (I feel you!) Or their bingo wings or their skin. I’m pretty sure that most of us have a body hangup so I am definitely not going to judge. But do please talk about it. Like I said to Gaia, I’m more than happy to smooth over or get rid of any “imperfections”. Just need a little heads up as I’m no mind reader! If anyone reading this is a psoriasis sufferer too, have a look at Gaia’s page where she talks about her journey. Very helpful stuff on there! 

This was one of those weddings where everyone JUST HAD FUN! No drama or rushing around. The day ran smoothly and both the couple and all the guests just enjoyed the whole day. The main thing I took away from this wedding, other than the amazing photos, was to just sit back and let your day happen. Have faith in the vendors you’ve booked and trust them to make sure that your day runs well and that everything happens when it should. If you’ve go a great team on your wedding day, then you’ll have no worries on the day!

Also, French Cricket at weddings is my new favourite thing and everyone needs to do it!

Best wishes, warmest regards.


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