Hi, I'm Helen ...

To start off with, you need to know that I love to chat! I will fully jump straight into deep conversations with you both from the moment we meet! I like my my couples to know that there's nothing we can't talk about. Oh, and I may try and hug you too!

But, my main aim is to make sure that you're booking the right photographer for your wedding. 

I love to have a laugh with my couples. I don't like to take anything too seriously so I expect to see lot's of smiles in your wedding photos! 

I'm happy to work with absolutely anyone, but I always find that the better the chemistry, the better the photos, which is why I love to work with chilled & relaxed couples. Capturing my couples naturally is my thing!

So if you're happy to take time out of your wedding day to walk through fields and run barefoot through the grass, then I think we'll get along great! 

i not so love

pizza • gin cocktails • dogs • wearing trainers everywhere • Friends • tripping over stuff
• leopard print • strong coffee • summer nights • vanilla candles
•  tone deaf singing in the car
• brides that aren't scared to get their dress a little dirty!

spiders • tea • early mornings • anything Harry Potter (sorry HP fans!) • cold weather • bad grammar • whiskey • people who say photographer's just click a button *eye roll* 

i love

I don't want to be just your photographer.

I'd love for you to see me as a friend, not just a vendor you've hired.

Nothing makes me happier than to see you both be comfortable enough and having so much fun in front of the camera with me that you can't stop smiling. 

let's make some memories...

My Approach

Choosing your photographer is a bit like flicking through Tinder
(yes, I've been there!)
There are so many options out there. You judge them within the first 5 seconds of seeing their profile. You need to be impressed by their pictures and short bio they've thrown together to try and get a laugh out of whoever is reading it.
Well, I totally get it! How do you tell which photographer is the perfect fit for you both?! 
Seems impossible right?

This is why I always love to chat away with potential couples. I like to get to know their personalities, and for them to get to know mine too! I love to chat about tv shows that we both watch, or our favourite restaurants, or which wedding trend is the worst right now! 
If my couples can feel they can talk to me like they've known me for years, that they can pester me with a wedding problem that they just can't solve, or to text me when they've seen a fabulous gin on offer in Tesco,
then I know that my couples will feel totally at ease in front of my camera. And that we'll capture the most awesome photos that you'll be crushing over forever!