Tips For The Best Golden Hour Photos

March 24, 2023


Charlotte & Ricky, Nurstead Court

Golden Hour is the time of day when the sunlight is at its softest. This means that when the light hits you, it’s even and flawless. There’s no dark shadows or strong highlights. It’s practically mother natures very own airbrush!

Rachel & Paul, Edworth Manor

Taking great golden hour photos is all about timing, location, and finding the right light. Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect shot:

Time it right

Make sure to plan your photos around the golden hour, which is an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. Fitting in this time on your wedding day is crucial if you want those golden hour photos. This is something that I will help plan with you to fit into your wedding day timeline.

Choose the right location

Look for locations that have interesting landscapes with interesting shadows, such as hills, mountains, forests, and lakes. Having photos in a built up area means that you won’t be the light coming through as much and it would be mostly shadows. If we do meet at your wedding venue ahead of our wedding, I will do a walk round the venue with you both and point out where will be best to take your golden hour photos on the day.

Find the right light

Look for areas that have an even light so that you can get the best colour saturation and contrast. This may take a little scouting but it’s worth it in the end!

A big thing to remember for your wedding day is that the time of golden hour changes throughout the year. During the summer, there’s a lot more time to fit golden hour into your schedule. The sun sets later in the day so there won’t be as much of a rush to get outside and get the photos done. But during the winter months, time is limited. The sun can start setting from the late afternoon, which means that we’d have to work around the other important parts of your wedding day to be able to find time to fit in your photos.

Charlotte & Ricky, Nurstead Court

Just remember, planning is key! But getting your timings right means the results will be totally worth it!

I hope these tips help you get the perfect golden hour photos!


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