Jasmine & Charlie’s Engagement Shoot

March 10, 2022


Their wedding will be my first wedding of 2022, and I’ll be back up at Milling Barn for it at the end of this month for a beautiful Spring wedding! This time when I go back up to the venue, I’ll be shooting the ceremony in the actual Oak Barn this time! Which I’m excited about as I haven’t been able to shoot a wedding in there before and it won’t be the only time I’ll be in the barn for a wedding this year!

These two chose to do their shoot in Dobbs Weir. Not only did Jasmine grow up here and her family live here, but this is the exact place where Jasmine and Charlie met. Literally right behind them, in the Fish and Eels pub garden. I’m pretty sure all the true love stories start by two people meeting in a pub. I know that almost every couple I know met that way! That’s the true British romance!

Turns out that it’s a pretty small world after all. Charlie comes from North London just like me, and has family living in the street next to mine! When the wedding comes around, I bet it turns out I recognise some of the guests!

These two got engaged the same time that all the restrictions hit, so they didn’t even get to celebrate with their friends and family and soak up that beautiful newly engaged time. But, this just means that they get to celebrate twice as hard at the wedding!

I’m honestly so excited to be heading back to Milling Barn for this fantastic Spring wedding! And I can’t wait to see these two on the day as I know they’re going to look amazing, and of course, get some gorgeous photos on the day!

Keep your eyes peeled at the end of the moth for the wedding blog post!

Helen xx

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