Gaia & Patrick’s Engagement Shoot at Milling Barn

February 24, 2022


So, I’m going to start off by saying that I’m pretty sure that I’m jinxed with the weather every time I go to Milling Barn. The wind will not leave me alone. Every engagement shoot and every wedding, that damn British wind tries to send me flying like Dorothy! But it’ll take more than that to blow me over! Hopefully this won’t be the case come the wedding in August!

This was my first time actually getting to meet Gaia & Patrick in person. We had an amazing video call when they enquired to book, and then meeting them both in person was even better! These two said the famous line that every couple say to me, “oh we’re not that great in front of the camera”, and hot damn, I love to prove my couples wrong! These two killed it! And so they should, seeing as Patrick is a wedding photographer himself, he know’s how this rodeo goes!

Now, I was warned that they’d have a fair few family members coming to the wedding, but they then dropped on me that they have 30 cousins. 30! I don’t even have that many family members! They swiftly followed that by saying “we’re Irish!” I nearly wet myself over that one! So you guys can look forward to the entertainment that will be me trying to herd 30 Irish cousins for the group photos at the wedding! But hey, I’m always up for a challenge!

This wedding at Milling Barn is going to be a first for me. This will be my first wedding at Milling Barn where the couple will be getting married in the actual barn! It was my first time seeing inside the barn when we came for the engagement shoot, and I loved it! Just picture wood and fairy lights!

I just know that these two are going to be so amazing on their wedding day, and I honestly cannot wait for it as I know it’s going to be smiles and giggles all day long!!! Summer can’t come soon enough!


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