Paris & Joshua’s Engagement Shoot

March 31, 2022


Well what can I say, we’ve been waiting quite a few years to all finally meet up again, take photos and get excited for the wedding! Due to circumstances which I refuse to name anymore, these two have had to keep pushing their wedding back again and again! But finally, drum roll please………. they’re finally getting married this year!! June to be exact! And I couldn’t be happier for them both and I think everyone, them and myself, are all so stoked to finally be celebrating this long awaited wedding!

So Paris and Joshua are having their wedding at Meon Valley Golf & Country Club and this is where we decided to do their engagement shoot, featuring their absolutely adorable kids Skylar & Zachary. Plus this was the perfect chance for me to see the venue as this one isn’t exactly close to home for me so I can’t nip back there to check it out if I needed to! Although it turns out I drove the worst way to get there. If you’ve ever driven down the back country roads of Hampshire, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! I was shocked I still had wheels on the car when I parked up! Clearly my sat nav hates me as leaving, it took me the beautiful smooth road way with no blind corners and clear sign posts!

Now unfortunately, we’ve got to wait until June for the wedding. As if we haven’t had to wait long enough already! But I already know that the next few months are going to fly by! So it won’t really be that long of a wait, I’m just being impatient! I’m so excited for this lot to become a little family! They’ve been waiting for this amazing day long enough and I already know that it’s going to be a day filled with love and laughter! And mostly, I just cannot wait to see little Zachery in a suit!!! I already know he’s going to be the centre of attention at the wedding!

The countdown to June is on!!

Helen xx

  1. Paris says:

    Loved the shoot and can not wait to have you capture our day- Finally!!

    You are right Zachary will be centre of attention for sure,

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