Kelsie & Luke’s Wedding at Gaynes Park

June 21, 2024


Another dream venue ticked off the bucket list thanks to Kelsie & Luke!! When these two enquired with me about their wedding, I did the happy dance that all small business owners do. After years of being a wedding photographer, I can now finally say that I’ve done a wedding at Gaynes Park!!

Not only were we at the dream venue yesterday, but we were blessed with dream weather as well! Finally the summer we’ve all been waiting for, and these two picked the perfect day for it! From the get go, Kelsie & Luke have been absolutely amazing to work with. The most down to earth and relaxed couple (or if they weren’t I didn’t see it!) to work with and you could see from a mile off how much these two adore each other. It was a day filled with love, laughter and hay-fever! And yes, Kelsie even forgot her own name during the vows! (Happens a lot more than you’d think).

I think that you can clearly see from the photos that these two are a total match made in heaven and I’m gutted that the day had to come to an end.

Also another bonus, I finally got to work with the infamous Sweet Vibes Events who even though I’ve known for a while, we were yet to actually work a wedding together and it was so worth the wait! Anyone who is looking for the best DJ, please please please hire Daryl. You will not regret it!

Here’s to the new Mr & Mrs Knowles and a life time of happiness together!!

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