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September 23, 2020


Now let’s face it, the news we all received on Tuesday was a bit crap for the wedding world. As if weddings weren’t having a hard enough time during this craziness, BoJo decided that he’d like to make it that little bit worse for us by slashing the wedding guest list even more! (Seriously mate, thanks for that!)

It’s been tough enough for couples getting married during this crazy time. How many people are you allowed? What are we allowed to do on the day? Am I even allowed to hug any of my guests at the wedding? Will my vendors have my new date available? I can’t even imagine what stress all you couples have had to go through, so please give yourself a pat on the back, or have a massive glass of gin, because you’re doing an amazing job with all your new planning!

So let’s move onto the main point of this post, Micro Weddings! As far as we know, weddings are being kept to 15 people maximum for the next 6 months. And a bit of good news with that bit, wedding suppliers AREN’T included in that number! Woohoo!!!! But you both still are, so keep that in mind.

Now having a micro wedding may seem a little boring to some. Which is an absolutely fine thought to have! Some people love the big weddings with everyone they know there. I mean, you have to show off that gorgeous dress as much as possible right?! But having a Micro Wedding may be perfect for other couples. There’s less planning, less hassle finding tons of vendors for the day, less guests to keep sending information to, or perhaps you just really love the idea of an intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest! I know that I’d happily have a smaller wedding.

So I’ve decided that I would love to offer couples a much more cut back version of my normal wedding packages. My Micro Wedding Package is basically simple and gets to the point!

There are no rules or restrictions as to who books a Micro Wedding, but the package may be more suitable for:

  • Couples eloping
  • Low-key weddings
  • Couples who don’t want the big fuss of a full day of coverage
  • Couples on a budget who still want amazing photos!
  • Couples who have now had to adapt their wedding to the new COVID rules

So what will I include in my Micro Wedding Package? Well, I’ve come up with 3 options for my couples to choose from…

  • 2 hours of coverage- £300
  • 3 hours of coverage- £400
  • 4 hours of coverage- £500

All final photos will be uploaded onto your own private online gallery. 

80+ high resolution digital photos per hour booked (with print release).

There is an option to purchase a USB & box with 5 prints for an extra £50. 

Extra travel charges will apply to weddings outside a 50 mile radius of North London. 

There is no charge for any late bookings, as long as I have the date available to you, then I can book you in.

The deposit for each option is £100. Full payment is due 5 days before the wedding day.

I am happy to meet with couples for a chat about the big day before the wedding, or if you’d prefer, a Skype call is the next best thing to do! (It helps me to put a face to the name).

If you are unsure of which option would be better suited for your big day, or even if you’re a bit undecided of how long you might need, let me know what you would like covered on the day and I’ll be able to advise you which option would be best!

If you have any questions about any of this, no matter how small or long the questions are, please feel free to get in touch via the contact form and I’ll be happy to chat away with you!

Stay safe everyone and hopefully this will all get better sooner rather than later!!


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