Ashley & Danielle’s Wedding 13.09.2020

September 16, 2020


Well, let me start off by saying, OH MY GOD what a wedding Ash and Dani had on Sunday at Houchins! A few weeks ago it was scheduled to rain, but instead we were melting in 30 degree heat. Luckily we all managed to not pass out and got to enjoy a wedding that we’ve all been waiting so long for! (Thanks stupid Covid).

Ashley and Danielle have the most infectious personalities, and that’s why they were such a dream couple to work with! Dani wore the most beautiful gown from Ninas Bridal Boutique. When I took the dress out for it’s own little photo shoot, daaaammmmnnnn, the compliments that dress was getting, and it wasn’t even on Dani yet! Although later that day she managed to get a huge daddy long legs caught up in the netting. Typical! Haha! Also huge shout out to Dani’s friend Gabby, who absolutely killed it with the make up. The girls all looked amazing! (I think we all need a Gabby in our lives for when we’re eventually allowed out clubbing again! 100% need my own make up artist on hand!)

Now as for the Bridesmaids dresses (Amara Bridal), boy they did not disappoint! Not only were they jumpsuits and matched perfectly with their flowers, but THEY HAD POCKETS!!! I think that is the new dream for every bridesmaid at weddings now. No bag needed!

The flowers, put together by the very talented Miss Fleur, complimented the Brides dress and the Bridesmaids jumpsuits perfectly! Seriously, if you need a florist, you need to hire Miss Fleur!! For real! Just check out these flowers and see for yourself.

What really stole the show for me was the so so sooo many personal touches that Ash & Dani incorporated into their big day. I love it so much when couples show their personalities (and their crafty skills) through their wedding theme. Ash handmade the wood slab, yes, he engraved it himself, and I think it looked perfect! (You need to keep that forever you two!) Advice for any future B&G’s to be out there. No matter what that little personal touch is, include it in your wedding. Even if it’s something small, it’ll look FABULOUS!!

(Aren’t these two just the cutest!!!!!!!!!!)

Obviously I had to share a photo of the jumpsuit pockets as evidence of how amazing they are!!!

Even though it was so strange having a much smaller wedding, with no cake, no bouquet tossing or no first dance, it couldn’t have been a more perfect day!

A huuuuuge thank you to Houchins for being the upmost amazing venue! The whole team, especially Taylor (events manager) who made sure the day went so smoothly, and was an absolute treat to work with!

And finally, an even bigger thank you to Ash and Dani for having me be a part of their wedding day! I’m so happy that I did that wedding fair back in 2019 as I had the chance to meet you and then photograph your big day! I will always be forever grateful that I was your photographer and I cannot wait to show you the rest of the photos!

Bring on Ash & Dani’s Wedding Reception 2021!!!!

Congratulations again Mr & Mrs Smith!



Venue: Houchins Wedding Venue

Brides Dress: Ninas Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaids Jumpsuits: Amara Bridal

Flowers: Miss Fleur

Grooms Suit: Coes

Catering: Splinters Outside Caterers

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