Emma & John’s Intimate Wedding in Hertford 

April 12, 2024


Emma & John came in to see me at the studio a couple of weeks before their wedding day. Straight away I knew I was about to work with the most laid back couple I’ve met. These two decided that they wanted an intimate wedding. Just a ceremony and a pub meal afterwards. (They’ve decided to do the bigger wedding celebrations at a later date). 

Hertford Registry

Now even though I’ve done my fair share of weddings in and around Hertfordshire, I was yet to do a wedding at Hertford Registry Office. Why was I so keen to do a wedding at a registry office you may ask? Well it wasn’t for the ceremony room itself, but it was for the famous Arches round the corner from the building. They’re a photographers dream! Neutral, shady and so much space. I could do a whole day shoot just there! 

Arriving at their house on the morning of the wedding, everything was so chilled and calm. There was no fishing around. No screaming or panicking. I said to Emma “Wow, it’s so relaxed here!” Well, I spoke too soon there didn’t I! See, as it was an intimate wedding, Emma & John had a majority of their guests come to the house beforehand, then everyone would travel over to the registry office in one vehicle. Before you knew it, the kids had doubled and there were people everywhere putting on ties and pinning boutonnières. I won’t lie, I kind of liked it! When there’s lot’s going on, there’s more to photograph. 

Before we knew it we were on our way to the wedding! Hertford registry office is already my favourite as they had plenty of parking on sight! Again, another photographers dream as we go from place to place with a bulk load of kit, and it makes the day so much easier when we can park right outside the venue!  

Safe to say, it was the perfect intimate wedding. There were smiles all around, I caught a few teary eyes as well (no one can hide from my camera!) and not even the gale force winds could get in the way of photo time.

I cannot wait to share the rest of the photos with you all!

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Hertford Register Office


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