The Things You Need The Morning Of Your Wedding (That You Won’t Find On Every List!)

March 14, 2024


It’s happened at pretty much every wedding. Everyone’s getting ready, things are going along smoothly, and then suddenly you realise, there’s something you forgot to pack. It could be boob tape, face wipes, deodorant. The list goes on. This is my list of top things you’ll need the morning of your wedding. (Or at least a list of things you might need just incase!)


I’m starting off with one that bugs me time and time again. It’s something that gets overlooked more often than I’d like to admit, but something that has a HUGE impact. There’s nothing worse than looking through the prep photos the morning of the wedding, and seeing a gorgeous elegant dress or a perfectly non creased suit hanging off of a flimsy plastic hanger with a missive “12” or “F&F” emblazoned across the front of it. It baffles me why people spend so much money on the outfit and hang it off of crap plastic. As a photographer, this is a massive ICK. Please invest in some plain wooden hangers. They’re sturdy and don’t draw attention. The hangers below were only £3 for five from Primark. £3!! That’s less than £1 a hanger. A teeny weeny price to pay to add a whole lot of class to your photos. Plus, it’s something that can be reused after the wedding. Run to Primark people!!

Sewing Kit

Something that may not even get used, or even taken out of the packaging, but it’s also something that could save the entire day! Many times I’ve been at weddings and a jacket has ripped at the seam or a bridesmaids zip on the dress has busted. A sewing kit has been the hero we all needed in that moment. Make sure you get one with a couple of different needles, some safety pins and thread to match the colour of the dresses and suits.

Getting Ready Outfits

After the craziness of finding THE DRESS and getting the suits altered, there’s sometime another outfit that gets forgotten. You prep outfit! Don’t forget, there’s going to be photos of you getting ready in the morning and you’re not going to want them ruined by unwashed Disney pyjamas you’ve been wearing all week. These are after-all the photos that’ll be looked back on over time. So look for something simple. I’m not saying spend a fortune on personalised gowns (unless you want to!) For the guys, just pick something plain. Casual but not too casual, we don’t need to see you walking around in your boxers!


Not the ones for seeing. Drinking glasses. Champagne flues or tankards. If you are getting ready at a venue, the venue doesn’t always provide glasses for the entire wedding party in the morning. Or if they do, they aren’t always the prettiest of looking ones. Glassware is a great accessory to buy to add a touch of elegance to your day, and they can be kept as a gift to your guys and gals. This also goes for if you are getting ready at home. Not everyone keeps celebration glasses in their cupboards, so it’s good to always be prepared!

Eyelash Glue

Wether or not you are going to be wearing false lashes on your big day, you need to spare eyelash glue handy, and here’s why. Eyelash glue isn’t just for sticking your lashes on. Tip one, if you get a rip in your veil, a bit of glue can patch a small rip back together. Tip two, if you’re wearing a necklace and the chain is a little too long for the neckline of your dress, dab a bit of glue at the top of your back and stick the back of the chain to it, this will stop our chain from moving and will also wash off with ease at the end of the day. Tip three, if you have any “need to stick something” emergencies, eyelash glue can help as a quick fix.

Travel Steamer

Now, this isn’t something that is a cheap bargain to have on hand, so this is a bit of an investment, or you can ask around before the wedding if someone has one you can borrow for the day, but a steamer is so handy to have! So many times I’ve arrived at the morning prep and a bridesmaids dress has gotten creased overnight or one of the groomsmen have forgotten to iron their shirt. A steamer is a risk free way of getting those creases out. This is something that you might consider investing in, plus it’s another thing that will have a use even after the wedding day.

This is the steamer I have for backdrops in the studio.

If you yourself have any useful tips or tricks that you’d love to share with others, drop them in the comment section below so others can see!


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