Weddings #1 and #2 of 2021!

July 16, 2021


Oh how bloody amazing it is to finally be writing a blog post about a wedding for SO.DAMN.LONG!! But, not just one wedding, it’s two!! Within the first week when things were “supposed to get back to normal”, but we all know things didn’t, I was thrown back into weddings again! And it felt fantastic! It’s been so great getting to see my couples finally tie the knot and share their special day with their loved ones.

Even with restrictions not being lifted for these weddings, it did not stop my couples planning the most amazing days with their friends and family. And it just goes to show that even smaller weddings can be just as good as the bigger ones!

Lianne & Matthew 21st June

To start off, a huge round of applause to the Great British weather! You did not disappoint and you kept the rain coming all day! Thank you for that! But, a bit of rain doesn’t mean it still can’t be a great day, and it was a great day! Lianne and Matthew had planned to go ahead with their wedding wether there would be restrictions or not. Luckily though, even though restrictions were still in place, they were that their original guest list of 30 could still come. Result! Now I’m not a huge huge fan of registry office weddings. I have nothing against them, but most that I have worked in aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. But I have to give it to Bishop’s Stortford Registry Office, their room was beautiful. If you can see past the blue carpet! White walls, big wooden beams, and tons and tons of natural light! Winning!!

The bride Lianne instantly won me over with her dress, as of course, it was a Ted Baker! And doesn’t it make for a perfect dress for her! I do love me some Ted Baker! In fact, I think half the wedding was dressed in Ted Baker, so I was obviously in heaven. The look on Matthew’s face when he saw Lianne almost had me in tears. There’s nothing sweeter than a Groom so happy to see his partner walking down the aisle. Is it tears because she looks so lovely? Or is it tears because he’s so relieved his bride turned up? Either one, it’s a beautiful moment! Poems were read and vows were said, and then it was time to face the weather. Dum dum dummmm!!!

Luckily, it wasn’t an outdoor reception. Instead, we moved onto the Coach & Horses pub. No, the rain still hadn’t stopped by this point. But the setting was still lovely nonetheless. The wedding had their own little section and food and drink was a plenty! I think I spent about half the reception trying to figure out where the hell we were going to get the group shots done! But low and behold, the pub had a special little spot for that. Cue The Smokey|!

A cute little grey hut (technically the smoking area!) for everyone to stay dry whilst I crossed off all of my shots on the list! Even though that damn rain didn’t let up at any point, Lianne and Matthew weren’t afraid to get a bit wet to get their shots done. And it was so worth it! What a way to kick off 2021 wedding season!

Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Smith!

Venue: Bishops Stortford Registry Office

Reception: Coach & Horseshoe

Dress: Ted Baker

Hair: Kirsty Evans

Suits: Next

Flowers: Karen’s Florist Chingford

Cake: Aleader

Sara & John 25th June

Now talk about going from one extreme to the other. Sorry to talk about the weather so much, but I am British and it’s all we do when we’re not drinking tea! But it was predicted that we’d have yet another downpour. But no. If anything, it was the weather that Sara & John should’ve had at their Spanish wedding. A little back story now. Due to the dreaded C word, Sara & John had to postpone their original wedding which would’ve been in Spain! They unfortunately couldn’t have the wedding that they dreamed of, but they made sure that they would have a wedding that they’d never forget!

They started the day off by getting married at De Rougemount Manor. Well actually, they started the day off by getting the bride’s brother locked in the bathroom and the best man forgetting the car key! But there’s always drama on a wedding day! The ceremony room was beautiful. Natural light flooding in. A room full of faces (behind masks of course!) and a beautiful Sara who couldn’t wipe a huge smile off of her face.

Now due to the hurricane of rain we had the night before the wedding, we unfortunately couldn’t get down to the gardens to get the group shots done where we wanted to. So we had to improvise! Nothing like a big tree to make the perfect backdrop!

But the real wow moment, was seeing how they had transformed their back garden! I’ve never seen such a well dressed garden before! I was in love with every little detail that they had done.

It was honestly a beautiful beautiful day. Full of laughs, champagne and a gorgeous Bride & Groom!

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Juncal!

Venue: De Rougemount Hotel

Reception: Their home

Dress: Enchanted Bridal Boutique

Make Up: Made Up By Lynsey

Flowers: Jasmine Bleu

Toastmaster: Vince The Toastmaster

Catering: Parlour Home Cooking, Rosemary and Thyme

Cake: Avec Amis

Bar: Party Buddy

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