Bridesmaids: Do They Need To Match?

March 4, 2021


It has quickly become one of the most popular wedding trends in recent years. Mix ‘n’ match bridesmaids. They’re fresh, modern and it’s a fantastic way to be inclusive of all of your girls’ shapes, styles and colourings. But even though the dresses will be different, you’ll have to make sure your clique look more chic than a mixed mess!

(Your bridesmaids don’t always have to be in dresses. These gorgeous girls are rocking these amazing jumpsuits from Amara Bridal)

How to mix and match

  • Make sure there is still some kind of theme with the dresses. They could all be the same colour but just in different shades of that colour. Or all the exact same colour but all the dresses are different shapes or have alternate strap styles. Perhaps you’re going fo the patterned look but the base colour of the dresses are different.

  • You can let your bridesmaids go off and find their own dresses. but make sure that all of your bridesmaids are in a chat/ WhatsApp group together so that you can all share your finds!
  • Make sure that your bridesmaids are aware what style of dress you are after. Perhaps you choose the actual style/ shape of the dress and let them choose what colour they’d like, or vice versa. This’ll allow maximum flexibility!
  • To make the search easier, look to brands that offer mix and match styles as part of their collections. ASOS is a good one to start with. They offer dresses in different colours and also in ranges like plus size, tall and petite. If high street brands aren’t helping your search, try bridal shops like Amara Bridal who can specialise in particular styles you’re looking for.

Below I have put together a list of all of the different bridesmaid dress combos you can have (photos borrowed from Pinterest!)

Same colour with different necklines

Bridesmaids in a mix of jumpsuits and dresses

Ombre dresses (spectrum of shades)

Contrasting tailoring (some plain, some lace, etc)

Different dresses but same colour

Similar dresses but with different silhouettes (some short sleeve, or strapless, or different neckline)

Different dresses with the same pattern

Dresses with colours unique to each bridesmaid

Different length of dresses

Dresses with different textures

Dresses that mix patterns and tones

Styled dresses in contrasting shapes

Contrasting dresses with a loose theme

All in all, I absolutely love the idea of bridesmaids wearing different dresses. They don’t have to be dramatically different, they can be subtle differences. But I feel this is a trend that shouldn’t be a trend! Mix and match bridesmaids need to stay forever!!

Let me know in the comments below your favourite mix and match option!

Helen x

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