When I'm not photographing weddings, I'm filling my time capturing gorgeous families.

Family photos deserve better than to be hiding on your camera roll! And that's why I believe that you should have photos worthy to hang on your walls for years to come. 

I've photographed couples from marriage, to their first child and even their second. I feel extremely old saying that!

I offer portraits for families, just the kids, couples & friends, and you can even bring the dog along too! (In fact, I insist on it!) 

Let's make some fabulous memories! 

How it goes...

Firstly, it's great that you're here to get some family photos done! I love photographing families throughout the years.

Before The Shoot

Now, there's two main shoots to choose from. Location and Lifestyle. Location shoots are usually for larger groups of 6 or more. Photographing larger families usually needs a lot of space to manoeuvre everyone around, or space is needed if you're having more of a relaxed/ "kids playing" kind of shoot. Lifestyle shoots are done at the home of the client. This is more of an intimate shoot. Quiet time all sat on the bed, or if you have a young baby, being at home gives the shoot a lot less stress and comfort. This shoot doesn't have more than 4 (5 at a push) during the shoot.

Location Shoots- 
For the outdoor family shoots, or outdoor portraits of any kind, you'll want to pick somewhere natural with lots of space. A park, public field, rural woodland or a coastal beach. Somewhere with lots of space. This is so that we can get shots in different locations, the group will have lots of space to get into the shot, and if we aren't the only people around, we'll have space to not have anyone get in our way! 
I'm always happy to have a chat with my clients about where's best to do their portraits. I also post regularly on my Facebook & Instagram if you need some inspiration on Locations. 
Location shoot usually take around an hour, but the more people involved in the shoot, the longer we'll need to get photos. More people, more rearranging and posing. If this is the case, a surcharge will be added for this. Please contact me for more info. 
In the event of rain on the day, a back up date will be arranged pre shoot 

Lifestyle Shoots-
Now if you haven't been to my Portrait Packages page yet and read about the shoots, Lifestyle shoots are done at the home of the client. This is because these shoots are more for smaller families, families who have just had a new addition join them and want some no hassle relaxing photos at home, or for people who may not feel overly confident having their photos done in public.  

From the day of your shoot, it'll be approximately two weeks until you receive your finished final gallery. 
Your photos will be delivered to you via a password protected online gallery, and you can download your photos from there. The gallery does not get taken down. that gallery is there for the foreseeable future (or whenever I decide to retire!) This means that if you do lose a copy of your photos, you can always go back to the gallery to download them again. 
There is also a print store attached to your gallery. This means that you can order prints, canvases and framed prints without having to go through me to do it. It can all be done through your gallery. 

Please contact me directly if you would like your photos on a USB in a memory box with prints.

During The Session


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