I’m Helen and I’m a Wedding Photographer in the UK.
London to be exact.
Most days you can find me wrapped up in my Lion King blanket eating pepperoni pizza. I know, I sound like I have the life of a five year old! 

When I’m not in hibernation mode, I’m serving my amazing couples by capturing their most memorable day with dreamy and enthusiastic photographs. I am so lucky that I’ve been lead to a career where I get to witness couples sharing the first day of the rest of their lives together.
Yes, I’m a total sucker for love!!
I love creating lasting friendships with my couples, so lasting that I’ve ended up working with them again to capture the arrival of their beautiful babies! 

As a wedding photographer, I have been published in London Bride magazine and Your Perfect Wedding Photographer. My career goal is to be featured in as many wedding magazines and blogs as possible! 

When I’m not at my desk editing away, you’ll find me window shopping online at Ted Baker and watching cute pup videos on Youtube! 

Meet Helen

you're not just hiring a photographer. I'm also an expert corset threader, boutonniere attacher, kids entertainer and can herd the groomsmen like a sheep dog! I've had plenty of practice!

want to know more? here's a few facts about me.

1. I met my amazing boyfriend Luke on Tinder. It was the best thing that I've ever swiped to the right! Our first date was in a pub that is now a car wash. Typical! 

2. Lions are my absolute favourite thing. I think I'd cry if I ever got the chance to stroke one.

3. Pina Colada's are my go to cocktail. Which I drink when I'm caught in the rain! (Couldn't resist!)

4. I recently went Gluten Free, not out of choice unfortunately, which I didn't find that bad. Until I started to miss eating doughnuts!  

5. Pizza is life!! I actually researched once if it's possible to eat just nothing but pizza. It's not. Gutted!